Scarlette Cosplay

I make costumes for fun and attend local conventions around Vancouver BC.

My Liara make up test for pax prime! 

I need a better way of doing freckles. 

I bought a blank head piece from the Mad Masker and then cleaned it up/ painted it myself. I have videos of both the make up test and the painting so once I edit them I’ll post them up! 

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There we go a photo of me in my Ice dress finally! This was taken after a birthday party. If your local to Vancouver I’m available for princess parties ages 3-9. :) just send me an ask. 

I’m planning a photoshoot in a forest soon so more pictures to come!

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Lets build a snowman!! 

wigsaretheenemy was my Anna today for a princess birthdya party and she was just the best! 

some photos of my elsa dress. got around to re doing the undershirt. im happier with it now :)

Leliana is excited time to fight dergens.

costume test!

Lelianna!!! almost there guys pax is 2 weeks away.

heres ma fb page if anyone wants to follow me there :)

Leliana Dragonage cosplay progress. Those boots two words. .Leg sweat.

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ooooh im making some resin snowflakes for elsa!