Scarlette Cosplay

I make costumes for fun and attend local conventions around Vancouver BC.

The Coolest Cosplay at PAX Prime, Day 3

Guys I was featured in kotaku haha looks like they snapped my picture near end of day my make up is drying up hahahaha. (I am the asari! :O )

Asari night out! i had so much fun at the Pax Pink Party, I got to meet Jennifer Hale Voice of Fem Shep and it was awesome and I was awkward wooo. 


Hey guys I just wanted to say thank-you for following my cosplay blog its really encouraging to see that other people want to keep up with my cosplays and such. My cosplay philosophy has always been do it because you love it! I just really enjoy crafting and sfx makeup so I thought why not try out cosplay, and I fell in love with it. so thank-you for watching me and I hope you enjoy my cosplays as much as I do making them! Anyyyy way thanks!

I ate an entire bag of chocolate covered almonds and swedish berries and almost fell asleep in a pile of worbla…

First set of my Wonder Woman cosplay from Anime Reovolution this past sunday.

Photos by the wonderful 路人L I F E

Cosplayer Myself :)

Who wanted tali’s helmet?

Hey I think someone messaged me about making Tali’s Helmet? I feel terrible that I havnt gotten around to making a post about it and now I forgot who wanted the write up for it. I’ve been really busy fixing/making cosplays for summer cons this year so forgive me for being so slow and forgetful! Message me again and I’ll give you a better reply. :)

My Liara make up test for pax prime! 

I need a better way of doing freckles. 

I bought a blank head piece from the Mad Masker and then cleaned it up/ painted it myself. I have videos of both the make up test and the painting so once I edit them I’ll post them up! 

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There we go a photo of me in my Ice dress finally! This was taken after a birthday party. If your local to Vancouver I’m available for princess parties ages 3-9. :) just send me an ask. 

I’m planning a photoshoot in a forest soon so more pictures to come!

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Lets build a snowman!! 

wigsaretheenemy was my Anna today for a princess birthdya party and she was just the best!