Scarlette Cosplay

I make costumes for fun and attend local conventions around Vancouver BC.

I got some LED lights in the mail and added them to my elsa shoes/gloves. Trying to make my costume more magical they are very bright lights.

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alain-a asked: Where did you get your Elsa coronation wig?! It's so perfect, and I've been having such a hard time trying to find a good wig!

I made it myself! I have a tutorial (sort of) for the method/products, however if your new to wig styling and are not confident in your own abilities I suggest buying one, cosplayholic has a nice elsa wig you can easily add the aqua ribbon yourself. Trust me better to have spent money and get a decent product then spend more or less the same amount and end up with a shitty result. haha been there done that the frustration! I hope this helps good luck!! :)

SO I just finished a very fun photoshoot with Pin-up Perfection Photography It was my first time doing something like this and I had tons of fun. Photos soon to come.

Hair by Helly Hepburn (Kat Mayhem)
make up by Shimona Henry
these ladies were so amazing I’ll definitely have to do this again and I fully recommend Pin up perfection!

With Halloween right around the corner I think its time to take my sally cosplay out of the closet and get some more pictures for her. I made this dress last year out and it was lots of fun to just be messy with it. I’m planning to do a fun photoshoot soon!

lets just say Fog Machine and Zero

Guys, I just bought a bunch of LED’s and fiber optic stuff, I’m going to make Elsa’s ice dress glow. Hopefully this experiment works. I plan to attach it to a main button under the back of my corset so I can click it and light up during let it go sing-a-longs with kids. Wish me luck. Supplies wont get here for about 2 weeks.


“Dragon Age” Group Cosplay

This fantastic Dragon Age cosplay comes to you from this year’s PAX Prime. It’s quite an impressive effort with nine different cosplayers using their talents to recreate the world from the game. Photography by The Will Box.

Hawke: DV8 Props

Sera: Emmabellish

Cassandra & Leliana: Armed & Dangerous

Morrigan: Tarah-Rex Cosplay

Leliana: Scarlette Cosplay

Flemeth: AllieCat Art & Cosplay

Qunari: Maddi Mcfly Cosplay

Qunari: Breanne Lewis

Our super bad-ass Dragon Age group from pax!! 

(Source:, via emmabellish)

My Friday nights include me making myself look like Harley Quinn excuse the bright white photoshop job I didn’t want my bathroom to be in the background haha. 

I plan on doing a fun pin up shoot with a 50’s style dress. 

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Elsa and Anna visit Canada and get iced capps. Anna is strongly wanting a Tim Hortons in Arendelle, or at the very least an ice cap machine. 

Elsa and Anna visit Canada and get iced capps. Anna is strongly wanting a Tim Hortons in Arendelle, or at the very least an ice cap machine. 

sing4thedeaf asked: i'm planning to cosplay wonder woman at a convention in a few months & yours was absolutely fantastic! could you give me some tips & advice for making her cosplay?

Aw thank-you! and of course! First I would pick your design or if you wanted to design your own sketch it out. That’s what I did for my WW. Then I would go about picking materials. I started with red velvet because I liked the texture and thought velvet was very royal looking, considering she is a princess. Afterwards though I realized that leather worked best for the design I was going for… and the red velvet( I had lined with silk) was to slippery and kept slidding down. Especially with the heavy gold eagle I had on to of it. All about trial and error.I would look into worbla, Kamui cosplay has a great e-book for beginners on how to use it. I used worbla for my accessories and armor. Its pretty great stuff. Also don’t be afraid to make your costume comfortable, if your not comfortable not wearing pants (I know that sounds funny haha) then put pants to your cosplay! Or if you want to do the no pants look then opt for nude leggings or super opaque tights. The wig I used for my cosplay was Arda wigs Danny in Natural black. I would also recomend the Le tigre or luthien if you wanted to go a bit cheaper. IF you wanted to go for the cartoony look like Justice League style I would use a black black wig and bright colors. Also if your not comfortable with wearing contacts dont worry about them. Also for the tiara I would go small, I made a larger tiara the first time and it was a pain to get it to sit right. It kept pushing my wig off my head and yea small and simple is nicer. unless you want to do a face helmet or something. Yea its all about trial and error! Dont get discouraged if something dosn’t work out the first time try and repeat until you are happy with it.  :) message me again if you need help with things once you get started. I hope this helped haha