Scarlette Cosplay

I make costumes for fun and attend local conventions around Vancouver BC.

cosplaygodtiered asked: Hi! I'm knee deep in planning for Coronation Elsa right now and cannot find a fabric for the dress that I like. Would you mind sharing what you used? I love your cosplay :)

Yes I actually used upholstery fabric I think haha, its a soft velvet like fabric. I then used fabric paint to dry brush the gradient effect onto it. You can find it at micheals I used the folk art multi-surface paint along with this blue fabric spray paint that worked well for the color on the bottom. I’m glad you liked my cosplay :D if you have any more questions feel free to ask! 

More Elsa photos! 

Elsa made and worn by myself

Ice Elsa made and worn by my friends sister 

Photos were taken by my friend Danny 

Edited by yours truly :) 

finished wonder woman cosplay! 

Any questions on what materials I used feel free to message me! In future I am going to get a sword and have a less poofy wig. 

thanks to Danny Vanderwel for the photos.

Retro teen titans cosplay! 

Starfire myself 

Fem Beast Boy spiffygizmo

Classy Robin Danny

e all hand made are costumes :) it was fun. 

otakuorigamicyclone asked: Hi I have a question about worbla or wonderflex how much you need for a armor project?

It really depends on the size of the project I would check out Kamui Cosplay’s ebooks and tutorials she is a master of worbla and I learned a lot from her. Maybe that will help you determine the size? I used a Jumbo Sheet for my WW cosplay. That includes Calf armor, Shoulder paldron, chest eagle, belt, tiara and bracers! 

My Belt and Eagle piece painted! Worbla-Gesso-Paint!

first coat was with a shiny gold spray paint I then layered on lack and dark silver. I’m pretty pleased with the result considering the first time I used a bright silver and it made everything look like tinfoil.

Some WIP photos for Wonder woman.
the skirt is made from cow leather spray painted with paint I got at a local leather shop. I highly recommend visiting one if you plan on working with leather the guy really new his stuff and was of great help. I then cut the leather to the size I wanted some short and long strips. The tips are made out of craft foam coated in modgepodge and silver spray paint. Then I pushed metal studs into it.
Completed bracers! made from worbla, primed with gesso and then painted.

Elsa cape tutorial Overlay

Elsa cape tutorial Overlay I will have it done by April 25th, Sorry guys I’m putting together 2 new cosplays for this weekend, once the Convention is done I’ll finally have time to do it, so don’t lose hope I have not forgotten about you Frozen Friends!

Spent my night making a Stephanie Brown Batgirl cape/ accessories, for my sisters fan expo costume. Nothing fancy but I’m pleased with my first ever batcape. Now to work on my wonder woman skirt.